The Union of the Unwanted

Union of the Unwanted : 014 : Alt-Tech with | Rokfin | Odysee | ContentSafe

December 5, 2020

Recorded: Dec 1 2020


The Union of The Unwanted, is an Alt-Media round-table hangout show created by Ricky Varandas from The Ripple Effect Podcast, Midnight Mike from the OBDM show, Sam Tripoli and Charlie Robinson.On this episode we are joined by new guests, Matt Raymer of ContentSafe, Erin Edwards of, Jeremy Kauffman from and, Jaime Bruguerus from ROKFIN, Adam from the Debra Gets Red Pilled podcast and returning guests Richard Grove, Tim Picciot, John Sneisen, Jason Bermas, Graham from Grimerica, Monica Perez, Teace Snyder from Conspiracy Synergy and the TruthZilla podcast hosts.


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