The Union of the Unwanted

Union of the Unwanted : 006 : The Last American Vagabond

December 4, 2020

Recorded: Aug 4 2020


Midnight Mike from the Our Big Dumb Mouth show, Sam Tripoli from the Tin Foil Hat podcast, Charlie Robinson from the Macroaggressions podcast, & I come together again for another episode of The Union of The Unwanted, an Alt-Media round-table hangout show.

On this episode we are joined by Graham from The Grimerica Show, Jason Bermas, Jeff Wilson from The Conspiracy Farm, Whitney Webb from & The Last American Vagabond, Mel Krell from, Dean Reiner from the Up Is Down podcast, Billy Ray Valentine from The Infinite Fridge, Joe from the OBDM show, and Megan, Ed & Scott from the Truthzilla podcast.


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